New Year, New Stories

Happy 2017! OK, my new year's wishes are a little belated, but sincere. My hope for everyone is that the upcoming year (and beyond) send you health and happiness.

As my newsletter subscribers already know, I needed to take a little break from writing about the dark side of humanity for a bit. While I was recharging, I amused myself with writing fluffy, trope-y stories centered around bar hookups (supes deep!) with plenty of banter, sexytimes, and insta-lust. This trio of short stories is cleverly called Man Walks Into A Bar. They made me smile writing them, and I hope they bring a smile to you.

Man Walks Into A Bar releases January 19, 2016 (it's on preorder now). If you are a newsletter subscriber and didn't see my latest one sent Christmas eve, check your inbox or spam filter. You will see a secret link which will allow you to download Bo's Story (in mobi) as a freebie. 

For those patiently awaiting SWITCH, not to worry, it's next. ;-)

Then I turn my attention to Double Duty, the next book in the Doubleback series. I can't promise that I won't digress into floof-dom in between or after, because as readers know, Jude and Rowan are in for some heavy times, and heavy times for my characters require that I, their creator, need to recharge from putting them through the wringer. But for now, that's the writing plan for 2017.

I wish you and the people you love a peaceful, wonderful 2017.

Love, Lissa