Getting my shit together

Maybe you’ve notice a few changes to my formerly extremely basic online presence. I’ve finally bit the bullet and got an actual big-girl website built. As with many things, it all started rather innocuously by forces beyond my control.

Those said forces were threatening my connection to my readers. Gmail changed their DMARC policies to restrict @ gmail “from” addresses when sending through third-party services like newsletter providers. In other words, if I sent out my newsletter, a subscriber who used Gmail wouldn’t get my newsletter because I also sent through a Gmail account. Crazy. It’s their own damn email service, but I guess Gmail wanted to prevent themselves from spamming their users.

I treasure you guys, and it would totally suck if I couldn’t reach you when a new release was ready. I had to do something about it. So, I needed a new email address, one that was connected to my own domain. And then I figured if I was going to spring for my own domain, I needed a proper website, something I’d been wanting anyway. One thing led to another, and voila! Here we are. New everything—email, website, logo, social media headers, the whole shebang.

I am soooo in love with my new website, and Sarah Pinneo from Authorclicks rocked it out. It is on the Squarespace platform—new to me—so if occasionally I eff it up tinkering with it, I apologize in advance. It does have some super cool features like hidden pages, which in the future will have goodies that only my newsletter subscribers can access. It has a blog page where I can easily post my own “musings” and distribute it through my admittedly sporadic social media presence, which I hope to increase. And it’s mobile-friendly.

So, welcome to the new Lissa Ford experience. I hope you’ll stick around.